• We’re focused on making Mobile Health better, smarter and easier to use

  • We connect Health, Technology & Design to create Value.



We empower clinical experts with technology to translate their competence into custom mobile solutions.


We assist care providers in developing mobile projects that meet health institution requirements.


We work to uncover how healthcare specialists should behave in this evolving landscape and increase their mobility.


We are engaged in the conception, design and development of mobile information technology for healthcare.

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Download +WoundDesk Update 1.4
31 Mar

The new +WoundDesk speaks now your language
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digtalMedLab - Manifesto
02 Mar

The digitalMedLab Manifesto
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+WoundDesk for home care

Improve wound assessment and documentation to get more time for your patients.

Manage chronic conditions
Make informed choices
Document quickly and easily
Access medical information
Collaborate with your care team
Synchronize with your EHR
Decrease treatment times

Find out how you can be empowered by +WoundDesk

More information and free registration at wounddesk.com

+WD Health Analytics

Gain a new level of insight with real-time health analytics.

digitalmedlab @ Health 2.0 Europe, Mai 2015, Barcelona

digitalmedlab @ Mobile World Congress, Health&Wellness, March 2015, Barcelona

digitalmedlab @ Lift Conference, October 2015, Basel

digitalmedlab @ Medica Trade Show, Nov 2015, Düsseldorf

+PillDesk for pharmacies

Ordering and remembering to take your medication — got a whole lot easier.

+PillDesk tracks medication, treatment and appointment schedules and stores information for accurate prescription inventory, gentle reminders and an ongoing exportable log. Taking the right medication at the right time is essential to your personal healthcare. Never miss a dose again.


Alarm reminder with snooze
Reminds you on time, even if your device is asleep
Log of past doses
Record Healthcare team’s contact information and appointments
Record Pharmacy information and prescription notes
Flexible scheduling
Exportable reports
No network connection required!

eDiary for hypertension patients

Hypertension eDiary for the management of blood pressure.

The app was developed together with Achtgrad and Next Communication for Novartis Pharma Switzerland, according to the latest findings in hypertension therapy.

High privacy and security
Patient profile with medical history and allergies
Hypertension diary with progress statistics
Exchange values with health provider
Multilanguage (German, French, Italien, English)

+SanteDesk for health insurances

Extending health call centers — with easy communication and optimized processes.

All personal health data at one place
High privacy and security
Integrated push notification for targeted direct marketing
Interoperability with HL7 based EMR's
Pay for what you need - with subscription-based usage pricing
Integration in existing systems with no additional investments


An experienced team with deep domain expertise in Health, IT, Design, Marketing and Finance.

Dr Med Patricia Sigam (1971)

Co-Founder & CEO

Management & Health

After 6 years of clinical practice in surgery, she has worked for the first Swiss telemedicine company and for the health department of Basel. Beside these professional experiences she has achieved training in project management and a master in public health at the University of Geneva.

Andreas Lorenz (1968)

Co-Founder & CTO

Technology & Marketing

Since 2000 he has developed, first with "dctrl - interactive media gmbh" and now with his agency "Achtgrad AG - Digital Excellence", numerous projects, web- and mobile-applications for a wide range of brands including UBS, Credit Suisse, Clariant, IBM, Swiss Post, Emmi, Sunrise, BASF, Novartis and Swisscom.

Advisory Board

Guidance and long-term vision to keep digitalMedLab™ growing in the right direction.

Ursula Stalder, lic. phil. I/Prof.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Marketing & Communication

Dr. med. Jan Overbeck, MD

Medgate Basel


Dr. Fridolin Marty


Health Policy

Dr. Martin Denz, MD

President Swiss Association for TeleMedicine & Health



Building a new way of working together.

Our vision at digitalMedLab is to build simple and powerful digital health solutions and add value to the health ecosystem. In addition to these product goals, we have a focus on building a new way of working together, by rethinking a lot of traditional practices.

These are the principles that guide our mission on this way to promote openness, innovation & opportunity in digital health.
They are reflected in everything we do and every interaction we have. Our core values are always the framework from which we make our decisions.

  • We build a family, not a company

  • We are intolerant of intolerance

  • We default to transparency, truth and trust

  • We choose positivity and happiness

  • We make time for reflection

  • We keep everything we do beautiful and professional

  • We choose simple processes. No overcomplexity.

  • We support openness, standards and interoperability

  • We live smarter, not harder

  • We work everywhere we want

  • We give preference to Autonomy, act independently and insire others

  • We pursue personal growth and self improvement

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A well-coordinated network

IHE Switzerland
Noser Health
Achtgrad AG

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